Saturday, May 28, 2016

Summer 2017 Offerings:

These classes will be held in Walnut Creek, California, at my home.  I am located very close to Valle Verde Elementary.  

You can sign up for these classes individually, and I'll need at least four kids to be able to offer each class.  (Maximum of 8 students)  The type of writing we'll be doing is listed below, and if it is listed twice, the material will not be repeated so that students can take both if the dates work for them. There is no requirement for writing ability!  I am happy to work with any student at any level!  It is common for my classes to have a range of abilities.  

Writing Classes for Grades 3-5  ($30  for 1 hour if I only have two students, and I'll drop it to $25 if I get three.) 
Classes are 1:30-2:45

 Personal Stories Tuesday June 20
 Personal Stories Tuesday June 27 
 Free Verse Poetry  Thursday July 13
 Haiku w/ Drawing or Watercolor Thursday July 18
 Fiction Tuesday July 25
 Fiction  Tuesday August 1
Non-Fiction Tuesday August 8

Writing Classes for Middle School Students (or who will enter middle school in the fall)  ($30 for 1 hour and 15 minutes)

At this point, my middle school classes do not have enough students, so I am only teaching the elementary classes.  If that changes, I'll update this!

 A little background about me:  I have 22 years of teaching experience, particularly in writing. I have a current California teaching credential.  During the school year I teach writing classes to both private students and also homeschoolers and independent study students.  (I currently teach small writing classes for for two charter schools: Visions and Valley View Charter.)  At the moment I also have private tutoring students from Valle Verde, Bancroft, Foothill, Sequoia Middle and Northgate.  My undergraduate degree was from UC Berkeley in English and my teaching credential was from Cal State East Bay.  I have also taught in the Mt. Diablo Unified School District in the past.  

I live with my husband and my 11th grade son who goes to Northgate. I have two cats in my home and we are a non-smoking household.

During each class I will read a book or some sample writing in whatever genre I am teaching that day.  (if it is fiction I will read a sample of fiction from both a published author and also from some students their own age.)  Then I'll give them guidelines and instructions about how to go about starting their writing. Students will then have time to write while I walk around and give them immediate feedback on ideas, grammar and spelling.  They'll bring home their piece of writing (the length will depend on the student) at the end of the class!  Please let me know if there are any other questions.   If you are interested, you can email me the dates you would be thinking about.